Why you should try a lifestyle boudoir session

What is lifestyle boudoir photography?

Wondering if you should try a lifestyle boudoir session? Not even sure what that is? Well, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word boudoir? First, you may not even know what it means (it took me a bit to learn) or second, you might think of the old school boudoir aka glamour type photoshoots with feathered hair, fur shawls, and a touch of blue eye-shadow. Don’t worry, we don’t have any of that over here. Just real women in real-life places. Phew.

When I think of boudoir and how I envision it to be for me, I think of low-key, sexy, but real and life-like photographs of a woman in her element. Sure, she might be wearing a little less than normal, but it’s not hard to picture yourself there in that apartment/house/beach cottage/etc. with her.  There’s something so beautiful and relatable about seeing images that just feel “real” with women that are also so real themselves!

Lifestyle boudoir isn’t necessarily so much about looking plastic and posed in weird ways in strange places. Rather, lifestyle boudoir aims to capture women in everyday locations.

My top 4 reasons to do a lifestyle boudoir session

  1. You will recognize yourself after your shoot. Odds are, you’ll absolutely love that you still look like yourself.
  2. You’ll be more comfortable. Sure, you can wear your sky-high Christian Louboutins and get all glammed up by our stylist, but you’ll feel at home and free to dance around and be yourself. It’s a real-life setting, after all.
  3. If you’re doing this session as a gift for your partner, I can almost guarantee they’ll LOVE seeing you in “real-life” settings that are oh so easy to picture themselves in. *cough* check out that sneaky around the corner picture below, it’s hot!
  4. There’s more variety! The sky is the limit. Lifestyle encapsulates everything around us. Rooftops, beaches, cozy living rooms, you name it, it will probably work.

Nikki’s Lifestyle Boudoir Photoshoot in San Francisco!

Nikki was so much fun to photograph with her gorgeous red hair, big beautiful eyes (like come on?!), and super cute personality. She has an incredible career with so many different things that played into the style of the shoot (from farmer, to aerial acrobatic artistry and more!). Her wardrobe was AMAZING and fit her personality 100%!

We did this shoot in an awesome apartment in the Marina, San Francisco on a chilly Saturday morning. The outside vibes totally fit the boudoir photoshoot vibes and worked in our favor. After Nikki arrived, our makeup and hairstylist Alex Drew (@hairmakeuptravel) took over for a bit. She killed it with her soft smokey makeup look and soft wavy hairstyle. She took the vision Nikki and I had and made it a reality. The hardest part of the whole day was for me to wait to get started! After hair and makeup were perfect, Nikki pulled out her wardrobe, and we picked out the perfect outfits that were not only sexy but also super cute and playful.

We turned up the music on the Sonos, played around a bit with different poses and spots around the studio, and produced these gorgeous pictures! All it took was a little bit of that perfect glowy sunlight peeking through the windows, some good tunes (I’ve been known to dance around a lot), some fun outfits, and a bit of imagination, and a little over an hour later we were done!

My favorite photographs from the shoot!

Here are a few of my favorite photos of the day. Let me know in the comments below what your favorite is. Would you try a lifestyle boudoir session? I’m addicted and have so many ideas brewing, I’d love to collaborate with you.

Click here to access the full-size full quality photos from this shoot. 

lifestyle boudoir session

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  1. I did a budoir shoot before our wedding and loved how the photos turned out! These photos are gorgeous! Every woman should indulge in a budoir shoot!

  2. I love posing and I always did, but never knew what exactly boudoir photography entails. Thanks for clearing it out, really well put article. And love your overall website look, btw. Gorgeous logo 🙂

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