We’re back! Now’s the time to book your boudoir session.

Oh man, it’s been a wild year. We’re all feeling it in different ways I’m sure… It almost feels surreal. For me, personally, being creative again feels so good. Honestly, it’s like breathing or exercising, or making your favorite meal. Getting back in touch with such an important part of yourself is everything. This boudoir session was what I needed. The gorgeous light (to die for). The uniquely magical trees. All of it. I needed this. 

But yes, let’s be real: 2020 really has been a wild ride. I’m not gonna lie, I was so pumped to hit the pavement this year (I was SO ready). This was supposed to be the year I met more people in my new area (now I’ve been here a year and I still feel like it’s been six months…. what???). This was the year for big dreams in making the spin-off IN-PERSON ladies social/ networking/support group “OC Babes” a real deal thing. I dreamt of meeting so many ladies, of watching new friendships start, and of building an awesome supportive community here in Orange County. Nonetheless, life doesn’t always go to plan. It will just take a bit longer, right?

What I am grateful for throughout all of this is that 2020 isn’t over. Being social isn’t dead. It just might look a little different right now … also, more than ever, women still need this and what we do here. Woman need the reminder that we are indeed so important. Feeling beautiful and confident and like a super sexy real-life woman is important. It doesn’t require a lot. It doesn’t require fresh highlights, a toned body, eyelash extensions, or a fresh manicure. It just requires us to show up where we are, with a touch of vulnerability. 

So, to kick things off (and to truly feel this same exact way as I’m writing), I literally took a bit of my own medicine and did this Boudoir session during sunrise in Joshua Tree with less than 5 hours of sleep. My hair hasn’t been trimmed or touched by a professional since January of this year (the ends are snagging on themselves… but you know, it’s all good). I hadn’t shaved since we were staying in the desert in the Airstream. And, admittedly, since I was pretty much camping, I hadn’t had a real shower where I could actually wash my hair since the day before. I know typically I’m all about the prep and all of that prior to a boudoir photoshoot in the studio, but it wasn’t needed this time. Despite the lack of prep and grooming for my boudoir shoot, I still felt so beautiful. I don’t know if it was just the charged morning air or just the fact that I was finally just doing it regardless, but it was special and I felt so awesome.

I say all of this background to hopefully help you make that decision for yourself. Sure, we can totally get dolled up and dial in for the boudoir shoot (which is super fun too) but when you strip it all away, you’re still you and you ARE so beautiful. Half the time all it takes is the right pose and angle. It really is true. In fact, I could even show you the difference between an improperly posed picture and the properly posed picture, taken moments apart, and you’d wonder how it’s even possible to look so different. In truth, every body is a boudoir body and I can’t wait to show you!

So, yes, WE ARE BACK booking boudoir sessions in Orange County for the remainder of 2020 and 2021! I am so excited to connect with more of you again. I would love to hear from you and talk to you through planning your own session. My team is following all state and local guidelines to ensure the safety of ourselves and our clients. We value you and would love to bring an extra spot of light in your life. 

With love, 


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