The Top 3 Reasons Why Women Hesitate to Book a Boudoir Photography Session

The more I talk to women about booking a boudoir photography session I realized there was a bit of a theme for those that are hesitant to book. Sure, there might be a few other reasons why, but these are the most common I’ve come across. I’d love to shed some light on these reasons and why I know you’ll end up realizing that it’s totally doable and not something to be afraid of. One thing is certain, sometimes the best experiences come from doing something that you’re scared of.

First, the majority of women who are hesitant often say it’s because they aren’t quite happy with their bodies. They feel they need to lose weight, or they hate their stretch marks or scars, or they are almost there but maybe next year they’ll feel more ready. 

Look, I totally get it. I’m critical of myself too. That said, this is my job and I know that it’s alll about the angles that flatter and smooth, I know what lighting works best, and I know that sometimes all you need is a very tiny bit of smoothing in editing. Nothing drastic is needed for anyone! None of the women on my site are professional models. They’re normal women who decided to have fun with me and do a shoot! Boudoir gives us the opportunity the see all the beauty in our flaws. It helps us appreciate ourselves and know that perfection is not necessary to feel beautiful.

The second (and far less common) thing I hear the most is that they don’t have a special occasion coming up or a significant other to do intimate portraits for. This one is really ironic to me, personally… ONLY because I actually got into boudoir photography long before I was in a relationship and way before I had that sort of reason to do boudoir photos. I remember I was in a singles group when I started to realize just how tough women are on themselves and that sexuality, empowerment, and expressiveness in this form just isn’t talked about enough. We don’t have to be in a relationship to deserve those things. We deserve to celebrate the bodies we have, as strong, badass women! Essentially, yes, I believe that boudoir is a wonderful gift for your significant other, husband, wife, partner… but it’s arguably a better gift for you and your confidence. Truthfully, I started boudoir by taking selfies several years ago! I wanted to share that feeling I got from it with other women. And so, here I am … a full-blown believer. It WILL change you. BTW, here’s that post in my Co-Ed group back from 2016!

The third hesitation I hear is that “I can’t afford it”. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can! Have you ever done the math on your Starbucks for the month? Or your streaming subscriptions? Or maybe your makeup collection? Well, when you think about it, you wouldn’t necessarily pay for all of that upfront every year. You totally can pay for boudoir photography upfront, but you can also participate in our pre-payment plans. You can pay as little as $150 bi-weekly starting at $1500. We also accept PayPal credit which gives you a ton of time to pay it off (plus 6 months interest-free) and zero-interest in-house plans. Or earn those miles with your favorite travel card. You can learn more about it here. Boudoir is more than just a fun little experience that fades. The impact lasts long after your boudoir session. Every time you look at the art you’ve created with your body, you’ll have that experience flood back and remind you of the powerful woman you are. 

newport beach boudoir

So when you break it down, these hesitations for boudoir photography are not truly real reasons to not do it. I promise you’ll feel amazing and will wish you did it sooner! If you’d like to chat with me more about it, you are totally welcome to by filling out the form below or emailing me at hi @ Do you live in Dana Point or San Clemente or nearby? Let’s meet for coffee before you decide! Also, while you’re at it, you should totally check out Ms. S’s shoot here.


Ps. we’re also building a local supportive group of women on Facebook! We make plans for meetups and get-togethers. I also host occasional giveaways exclusively in this group! Join us. We won’t bite. It’s private and a women’s only. Join here:

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