How to prepare your skin for a boudoir session.

So, you’ve booked your boudoir session, started thinking about what you’ll wear and have been thinking about those sexy heels you’ve been dying to pull out of the closet. You’ve probably figured out the timing of your hairstylist appointments so that you’ll look your absolute best, but have you thought about your skin? We’ll help you out with how to prepare your skin for a boudoir session at Abeille Studios.

Although we do a light retouch of images, we recommend following a few simple tips for the BEST results. 

First, and not always the most obvious: Skip the spray tan.

Sure, it gives you that extra boost and glow when you’re out and about. But, it doesn’t always photograph well. What might seem subtle to you can often show up very orange on camera, especially if you’re a newbie to it or don’t tan often. If you feel that you must add a bit of a tan, please do a practice round at least a few weeks before your session and start with the lightest of shades. We want you to LOVE your photos and we believe the most beautiful skin is the one that you were born with. 

Be careful in the sun!

Sunburns are not only painful and uncomfortable, but they’ll require extra editing time to correct. Additionally, you could end up with some very strange tan lines that you might not want to be captured and documented for years to come. Avoid it altogether by using sunscreen. Your skin will thank you for it anyway! 

Wash your face.

Keep your skin clean and clear. I know we’ve all been there, those nights when you stay out a little too late, then come home and crash into bed. As most of us know, this can lead to untimely breakouts. 


Also, while you’re at it, watch what you drink. It’s best to avoid too much alcohol leading up to your shoot, especially the days before. Alcohol can cause bloating and puffiness of the face. To help with the overall health of your skin, drink lots of water and keep yourself and your skin hydrated. 

Talk to a professional.

We also recommend you chat with your esthetician (if you have one) about your particular skin needs. Some skin needs more exfoliation or moisturizing than others to stay clear and vibrant. Your esthetician will be able to recommend exactly what you need for healthy skin. 

Bonus tip:

Finally, my favorite little bonus tip! Try out little face razors! These things are straight MAGIC for eliminating the little peach fuzz that likes to show up in the light. Not only that, it helps in the application of flawless makeup. It’s my go-to when I need my makeup to look amazing before a night out or special occasion. You can find them at Amazon or your local drug store for pretty cheap.

There you have it! These are our top recommendations on how to prepare your skin for a boudoir session with us! Sign up to our newsletter below for more tips and tricks.

prepare skin for boudoir session

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