Ms. K – This photoshoot allowed me to appreciate myself! | Las Vegas Boudoir

Ms. K found me when she was looking for a boudoir photographer in San Francisco as she was looking for an anniversary gift for her husband. Due to the pandemic, we had to push back her shoot by a few months, and by then she was based in Las Vegas. Luckily it’s one of the locations I shoot! Check out her awesome photos from her gorgeous Las Vegas Boudoir shoot! Ms. K truly rocked it! Her nerves quickly disappeared and she was so fun to work with! Read what she has to say below!

“First of all, a boudoir shoot was extremely foreign to me. I had never heard of it until a friend of mine mentioned that she did one to gift her husband for their wedding. My one year anniversary with my husband was coming up, so I decided to give it a shot and started looking around for photographers in California. When I found Melissa’s website, I was immediately drawn to her message of inclusivity and female empowerment. We scheduled a time to talk and discussed a day to do the shoot. For obvious reasons in the year 2020, our shoot was delayed 3 months and by then I had moved from California to Las Vegas. Melissa was extremely accommodating and made time to take a trip to Vegas to do the shoot.”

“Regarding the shoot itself, it was perfect. Leading up to the shoot, I was so nervous! Not only did I feel that I would be awkward in my poses, but I also had to take pictures in lingerie! Nonetheless, Melissa made it seem so easy. She told me a couple of key things to keep in mind when posing and then would tell me how to pose. My initial discomfort was gone quickly and I was simply just having an amazing time! She’s also a great hype woman. I’m sure that I am one of many women who don’t feel comfortable in their own skin and feel something has to always be improved. This photoshoot allowed me to appreciate myself, LOVE the way I look and feel incredibly sexy. I never thought I could look and pose the way I did! 

Melissa also told me how she hopes to empower women by doing these shoots so they truly see how beautiful they are. Overall, my experience was amazing and the end product (album, prints, etc) were breathtaking. I am still shocked at the fact that she made me look SO good!

Since the shoot, I’ve told all of my co-workers about you, so they know who you are! Thank you again Melissa for making me feel beautiful!”

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