Frequently asked questions about boudoir photography sessions.

Are you curious about doing a boudoir session but aren’t super familiar with how it works? Are you nervous or have you had a bad experience in the past? Below we aim to help clarify some of the most frequently asked questions about boudoir photography sessions. This isn’t a completely inclusive list, so we encourage you to book a free consult to really dig into all of the questions you might have! I’m not a model, do you only photograph women who look like they are?

Do I have to get naked?

Can my pictures remain private?

What’s the booking process look like?

I am not great in front of the camera, should I still do a session?

Can we do something different than what you show on your site?

Do you do outdoor sessions?

I don’t know what to wear, can you help?

What’s the typical cost?

It all depends on what you want! It all depends on what you want! Our albums start at $1500 and individual products start at $250. All collections qualify for pre-payment plans and bonuses. We also accept cash, credit card, ACH, and PayPal credit.

Are you a women-owned business? I’d be more comfortable in front of women. 

Yes. We are a 100% women team. We totally get it and want our clients to be completely comfortable.

What sort of products do you offer? I’m really thinking about doing a photoshoot as a gift for my significant other. 

We offer luxury albums in linen, leather, and vegan leather with optional album boxes, metal and framed prints, canvases, image folios, companion books, personalized mobile apps, and other specialty matted prints. 

What if I don’t like my pictures?

If for some reason you are not satisfied with your images, you are not obligated to purchase! We truly want to make sure you’re in love, which is why we are so involved with the planning aspects of your shoot. You’ll feel prepared and confident that we’ll capture great images.

How long does it take to get my pictures?

Our current timeline is about 4 weeks after your ordering session. On some occasions, we can accommodate a faster turn-around on certain products. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer payment and pre-payment plans.  

I’ve done a boudoir shoot before and didn’t love it. Should I try again?

Have more questions before you book?

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