7 Reasons to book a Bridal Boudoir Session with a Boudoir Photographer

So you think you want to book a bridal boudoir session? Let’s talk about what that entails!

It’s the year 2020; you’ve been thrown a curveball after curveball. You can’t even make this stuff up, it’s chaotic. You’ve had to change plans on the fly, but want more than anything to have your dream wedding. You’re probably a bit overwhelmed with wedding planning and making the right decisions when it comes to vendors. There’s a lot going on in the world right now, and picking a photographer as a “one-stop-shop” is starting to look like a good idea.

Maybe you’ve heard of boudoir before, or perhaps you heard about it from your wedding photographer as an add-on package. Two birds with one stone: the best wedding gift EVER and wedding photography. Right? Well, maybe, but how about in a different way! Below are my top 7 reasons why you should book your bridal boudoir session with a boudoir photographer who photographs boudoir exclusively!

Reason #1 to book a bridal boudoir session with a boudoir photographer: You might be more stressed that day.

Weddings are busy. There will be lots of last-minute things and decisions to make, and you’re likely going to be a bit nervous. Stress and nerves play into boudoir in an interesting way: First, it’s sometimes hard to get your natural expressions and that effortless sexy cool-girl vibe when you’re stressed. My clients who come to me after already having a wedding day session have talked about how they were too stressed to fully get into their bridal boudoir session.  Usually, it’s because their mind was on other things (understandably). A huge benefit of doing a session on any other day, say a few months after the wedding or before, is that you’ll be so much more relaxed. 

Reason #2 to book a bridal boudoir session with a boudoir photographer: you’ll likely be a little sore the next day.

This might be a surprising fact: boudoir posing will likely make you sore like you’ve had an intense workout! Add that to the already long wedding day, being in heels for hours on end, and dancing your butt off. Let’s just say you should be saving that energy for the wedding! Also, if you’re going straight to your honeymoon the next day, you’ll be pretty dang sore, which might put a damper on activities.

Reason #3: it might be hard to find enough time.

Timelines are TIGHT on wedding days. As someone who used to photograph weddings up and down Calfornia (from Napa to San Francisco to Orange County), I have seen some of the most dialed-in timelines ever. It’s hard even to find time to pee. Also, it’s not uncommon for things to get pushed back or forward. The last thing you’d want to be is rushed during your boudoir session. It shows, and it will add to your stress.

In my experience, every client takes 15 to 20 minutes to shake off the nerves. It’s very typical to need time to get more comfortable with being in lingerie in front of a camera. Boudoir photography sessions in the studio take about one and a half to two hours (on top of hair and makeup). That amount of time is not very realistic for your wedding day, and a 30-minute session will not be enough time. 

Reason #4: you’ll be limited to the hotel room/space that you’re getting ready in.

Wedding day bridal boudoir sessions are done in the bridal suite.  The bridal suite is also where bridesmaids hang out and where the “extra” stuff gets stored. It makes for a less than ideal shoot location. Many variables aren’t under control, such as lighting, room decorations, and the overall design aesthetic. You’ll get a lot more variety in a setting designed especially for boudoir shoots, like our boudoir studio in Orange County. 

Reason #5: Your photographer is probably not trained in boudoir posing. 

Number 5 is a big one, and honestly, the main reason why I wrote this blog! Boudoir photographers who shoot boudoir and portraiture exclusively go through a lot of training to be great at what we do. Many pieces go into capturing these gorgeous images, and all the while still portraying YOU in them. Through our training, we learn that the same few poses will not work for every woman. Boudoir photographers spend a lot of time and invest a lot in educating ourselves on posing and how to make our clients feel super comfortable throughout their boudoir photography session. The truth is wedding photographers who do boudoir as an add-on usually do not go through the same training.

Boudoir photographers specialize in the one-on-one aspect of the session and capturing your personality while making sure our clients feel empowered and beautiful at the same time. We understand that the same few poses won’t work for everyone, and the last thing you want is for your boudoir session to be awkward and uncomfortable.

Reason #6: Your styled wedding hair and makeup are too important to mess up.

We want you to feel like you can let loose and be yourself during your session! Trust me, your photographer would hate to see you smudge your wedding day makeup, and no one wants your hair to get messed up either!  Our in-studio sessions include professional hair and makeup, but it’s usually a lot more relaxed (think, sexy bedroom vibes) than your glam bridal makeup and hair.

And finally, our bonus #7 reason to book a bridal boudoir session with a boudoir photographer: The traditional first-anniversary gift theme is paper!

 So, what could be more perfect than our archival photographic fine art paper, aka the most beautiful album or folio with stunning pictures of you in it? It’s an ideal match, so it makes perfect sense to plan your shoot for an anniversary gift or first Christmas gift. 

Want to learn more about our sessions? I’d love to talk with you about your dream boudoir session! 

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